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Africa range
The 'Cast in Africa series are produced under full copyright by Dito Industries in South Africa. Special commissions for exclusive designs will be considered

Products available in Antique Brass (AB), Pewter Zinc (PZ), Antique Nickel (AN), Brushed Nickel (BN), Bright Nickel (BRN) & Dark Antique Brown (DAB).   Cast in Africa
  gecko handle   flower handle  
  1045 / Gecko handle / 148mm (96mm C-C)   1046 / Flower handle / 148mm (96mm C-C)  
  chameleon handle   Frog handle  
  1047 / Chameleon handle / 145mm (96mm C-C)   1048 / Frog handle / 145mm (96mm C-C)  
  eko knob   flower knob   chameleon knob  
  1049 / Gecko knob / 42mm   1050 / Flower / 42mm   1051 / Chameleon / 42mm  
  frog knob   PDF handle catalogue
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  1052 / Frog knob / 42mm          
montage of handles
  All products displayed in this website are manufactured in South Africa